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More than 3000 Reflection Wastewater Treatment Systems, treating in excess of 2.5 million litres of wastewater every day throughout New Zealand.

Reflection Wastewater Treatment Solutions is a 100% New Zealand owned company 20 years’ experience and expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of superior wastewater treatment systems.

Whether you’re building your dream home, a large-scale commercial development or public work, we’ve been in the business for over 20 years, so you can trust us to find the right wastewater treatment solution.


About us

Meet Your Wastewater Treatment Provider


We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and offering ongoing maintenance and support to our customers for over 20 years. Our expertise covers every aspect of wastewater treatment for any residential, commercial or public sector requirements, with special focus on Residential Wastewater Treatment Solutions. We’ll take good care of you with our team of highly qualified professionals, engineers and top-level after sales support. No matter what challenges you may be facing with your project, we’ll help streamline the process.


Our experienced team of wastewater specialists sets us apart in the industry. Our reputation has been built on quality service and technically advanced products that are made here in New Zealand. Our innovative designs make use of leading-edge New Zealand-made wastewater treatments that are environmentally sound. They use significantly less power than other systems and they produce high grade, reusable outflow.


Our systems offer high treatment quality, no noise, low power consumption, visually unobtrusive design and safely recycles all wastewater into odour-free, clean water suitable for irrigation reuse – that is great for the environment.

Our Treatment Solutions

Recirculating Textile Filter (RTF)

The RWTS Textile Filter offers ‘Advanced’ Secondary Wastewater Treatment. It is classed as a Pack Bed Reactor Treatment Plant. Most other systems on the market can only offer treatment to a secondary treatment level. So if you’re looking for high-quality treatment for sensitive environments, you can’t get much better than an RWTS Textile System.

Primary Treatment

All household wastewater is directed to the one house drain which leads to a large capacity primary settling chamber. In this chamber, naturally occurring bacteria start the treatment process by breaking down the settled solids through anaerobic digestion. Fats and other light matter float to the surface and form a scum, while heavy solids sink to the bottom The liquid wastewater then passes through a special effluent filter which is designed to retain solid material in the settling chamber. The coarsely screened liquid flows into the recirculation chamber in the bottom of the Textile Filter unit.

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Advanced Secondary Treatment

Unlike other secondary treatment systems, the RTF System does not rely on costly mechanical aerators, blowers or diffusers to oxygenate the wastewater. The RTF provides secondary treatment (oxygenation) of the effluent in a completely natural way. Air contained within the textile media provides the oxygen needed by bacteria living on the textile surface to prosper and consume the organic material in the effluent.

The RTF utilises the latest advances in attached growth technology using non-woven textile media engineered to provide maximum surface area and void space with minimal water retention. Wastewater is fed to the bacteria in the textile bed in a measured dose at controlled intervals by the recirculation chamber pump spraying onto the textile bed in the timed on/off cycle. Effluent trickles down through the bed and bacteria attached to the textile media cleans the effluent until it drops into the pump chambers below the bed as clean, treated effluent.  80% falls into the recirculation chamber where it dilutes the incoming septic tank discharge and is ready for pumping back to the top of the textile bed again. 20% falls in the treated effluent chamber ready for pumping to irrigation and land disposal to your lawn, gardens, paddock, etc.

Our Treatment Solutions

Intermittent Sand Filter (ISF)

Treating wastewater and sewerage is all about having a system that is effective, unobtrusive and able to produce an end product that is pure and, in the right situation, reusable.  That is precisely what you get from a Reflection Wastewater Treatment System with our two stage treatment of wastewater. We provide peak flow treatment that is superior to other systems.  That means, no backing up or flooding, just the consistent performance our clients have come to expect from their reflection waste treatment system.

Primary Treatment

Wastewater is directed into a large capacity primary settling chamber, called a septic tank, where the treatment begins. Naturally-occurring bacteria break down settled solids, while fats and other light matter float to the surface and form a scum. This liquid wastewater passes through a special effluent filter, which retains solid material in the settling chamber. Reduced by almost 50 per cent, the wastewater is then pumped onto a buried Intermittent Sand Filter (ISF).

Advanced Secondary Treatment

Using natural processes, the ISF ‘polishes’ the effluent using the latest advances in sand grading technology. Wastewater is spread over clean crushed rock or scoria at the top of the buried ISF and then percolates slowly down through graded sand and rock.

Organic materials, harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses are removed, using the same natural biological processes that occur during soil treatment of wastewater. Renovated water collects at the base of the ISF and drains to the irrigation pump chamber to re-use on lawns, gardens and for irrigation without the need to add chlorine, or provide expensive ultraviolet or ozone treatment.

Benefits of Our Systems

No Sound, No Smell

A Reflection System has no sound, no smell, no noisy, power hungry blower, and no activated sludge pump.  hidden underground, it takes only a small space and is simple, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Low Running Costs

for a standard house, power consumption averages out to just 20 cents a day.  That’s less than half the cost of powering an aerator system and makes reflection filters one of most cost effective filters on the market.

Low Maintenance Costs

Our textile filter has proven to be one of the most low cost to operate. it is easy to service and reliable.  Unlike aerated systems, there is no activated sludge pump and no expensive blower to maintain or replace.

Environmentally Friendly

High treatment quality, no noise, low power consumption, visually unobtrusive, safely recycles all wastewater into odour-free clean water suitable for irrigation reuse – that is great for the environment.

Value For Money

With low design costs and a free on-site quotation to help you make up your mind, our service and systems offer you value for money that you can’t look past.

Warranty & Peace of Mind

If installed and maintained by us in accordance with our recommendations, we guarantee the ISF will produce quality effluent for at least five years. The two pumps have a warranty of 24 months, and we’ll repair or replace them at no charge in the unlikely event of a pump malfunction, during this period.

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Why Us?

With You From The Start

From the very beginning, we’ll handle every aspect of your wastewater treatment system, from providing guidance at the planning and development stages with a free site visit, right through design and installation to final completion and after sales support.  With our
in-house expertise and high performing, technically advanced solutions (that are made in New Zealand!) – we’ll make sure your Reflection onsite septic system ticks all the boxes.

Our Promises

Our systems will operate economically, using up to 85% less power than other systems on the market (closest you can get to a passive septic tank)

Produce high quality renovated outflow that exceeds New Zealand Council guidelines and can be used for irrigation

Operate passively with the minimum noise and smell, using the same biological processes that occur naturally in the soil

Produce fewer impurities or contaminants to protect the environment

Have the benefit of round-the-clock service back-up provided by our own in-house service crews

Cope with short-term changes to water volumes

Be future-proofed to meet your anticipated needs

Our Reputation

We’ve installed more than 3000 residential systems, with much of our business coming through word-of-mouth recommendations from our many happy clients. We’re extremely grateful for our top reputation amongst homeowners and welcome every new opportunity to enhance a new home with a reliable and high quality septic system that allows you to ‘flush and forget’.

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