Prior to your New Build

As the cost of living keeps rising, people are looking at ways to save money whilst constructing their new home. A way to do this is to live on site in a portable unit, caravan etc. If you don’t have reticulated wastewater then you will need to allow for some form of treatment to the wastewater before it is disposed of onto the land.

The question we have been asked increasingly is – can the wastewater system be installed and used before the house is constructed? In short, yes, but it will still need a building consent to be constructed. There are a few options here:

  1. Get the consent for your new house sorted, install the wastewater component first, and then continue your house construction at your own pace.
  2. Obtain minor drainage consent for the wastewater treatment plant, and then get on with the planning and consents for your new house
  3. Not have treatment, and risk issues with the Council, Public Health officers, your health and your neighbours health and good relations too.

What you will need to be careful of is that the system is designed to be able to take the wastewater flows from the new house you will be constructing. If you want more information on system sizing to refer to the blog entitled “On-Site Wastewater System Sizing”.

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